This spring, we have a lot to celebrate at the Digital Scholarship Lab. Two of our own were recognized for their service to River Campus Libraries and one of our graduate students completed his degree!

A somewhat accurate representation of Josh, complete with an SD card.

Josh Romphf was awarded the 2018 River Campus Libraries Staff Service Award. Josh has been involved centrally or in some pivotal way in almost every digital scholarship project that has occurred in the River Campus Libraries since he arrived. In the past year, Josh worked on a range of projects, including The Ward Project, LSF-ASL, Reenvisioning Japan, Mediate, and the Blake Archive, just to name a few. Josh created a custom viewer plugin for Omeka that will display TEI and Images side-by-side, which is now a key component of several of our projects. He teaches classes, wrote a programming book for children on Minecraft, created interactive augmented reality app for Scare Fair, participated in senior design projects, etc. Josh has participated on search committees and searches, and we believe his talent and collaborative spirit are a strong draw for candidates in searches relevant to his expertise.

Lisa and Clara at the student appreciation reception.

Clara Auclair was awarded the inaugural Dean’s Student Library Employee Service Award for a graduate student. Clara consistently provides exceptional support for faculty, students and colleagues across RCL. She has been instrumental in helping us review and develop practices for new equipment. When purchasing our reprographic camera, Clara attended the training with full time staff and helped develop the user manual for the lab.  Clara’s dependability and professionalism allows the lab to function continuously, even when full time staff is not present.  She is a vibrant member of the RCL community, serving on search committees, collaborating with RBSCP, and contributing to a range of Digital Scholarship Projects.

Daniel learning RTI.

Finally, we want to congratulate Daniel Menzo on the completion of his Masters of Arts in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management from University of Rochester and the George Eastman Museum. Daniel has been a tremendous asset to the lab in the last year. He has worked on Reenvisioning Japan, the Fredrick Douglass collection for RBSCP, the Lewis Henry Morgan Journal, Sekuru’s Stories (an upcoming project with Professor Jennifer Kyker), and others. We wish Daniel all the best and know that he will make a great impact in the field with his expertise, curiosity, and professionalism.