The Morden CPR station is now located at the Pembina Thresherman's Museum in Winkler, Manitoba.Arch-Bio_Morden-3D

Architectural Biometrics is an interdisciplinary project at the University of Rochester. In this project, we use LIDAR scanning along with computer vision and image processing technologies to address humanistic concerns in architectural history. The Architectural Biometrics project aims to develop a computational tool that allows researchers to compare incredibly detailed 3D scans of buildings constructed to a common design template. This comparison in turn will help recognize the contributions of the engineers, tradespersons, and laborers who contributed to the on-site construction of each building, individuals who are often disenfranchised by attribution of the building to the architects alone.

The Digital Scholarship Lab has provided support for the project in the form of 3D scanning consultation, development of tools to aid in the processing of scan data, and the creation of “platonic” models derived from the original blueprints.


Architectural Biometrics is a collaboration between Dr. Peter Christensen (Art and Art History) and Dr. Gaurav Sharma.

Several graduate students have also contributed to the project:

Alana Wolf-Johnson (Visual and Cultural Studies)
Alicia Chester (Visual and Cultural Studies)
Eitan Freedenberg (Visual and Cultural Studies)
Harry Gu (Visual and Cultural Studies)
Julia Tulke (Visual and Cultural Studies)
Li Ding (Electrical and Computer Engineering)


Published by Joe Easterly

Digital Scholarship Librarian