ASL-LSF Sign Language App Logo with hands spelling (from left to right) LSF ASL over a sketch of a homeGuillame Chastel, Senior Lecturer in the  American Sign Language (ASL) Langue des Signes Française (LSF) Program, in collaboration with Josh Romphf, Jim Barbero, and Famous Clark of the Digital Scholarship Lab developed a bilngual sign language app and website. The project is available online as well as via the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Learn French and American Sign Language

Historical ASL sign for "to learn."

The LSF-ASL project facilitates the study of French and American Sign Language with videos for instruction, complete with closed captioning. The project includes information on the history of ASL and LSF, including etemology. New features and defintions are added to the site on a regular basis.

New Features and Updates

Currently, the team is working on adding sentences to help supplement the dictionary entries. In spring 2019, we released a new version of the app that is device compatible.