Past Visiting Scholars


Victoria Szabo

/ March 2-3, 2017

Dr. Victoria Szabo is Associate Research Professor of Visual and Media Studies; Director of the Digital Humanities Initiative; and the Director of Graduate Studies for the PhD program in Computational Media, Arts, and Cultures at Duke University.



Related Events:

  • Omeka Workshop in the Vista Collaboratory
  • Lunch with graduate students: Careers in the Digital Humanities
  • Keynote: “Cultural Approaches to Digital Heritage”
  • Digital Humanities Round Table: “Tuning In: Sound in the Digital Humanities.” Victoria Szabo in conversation with University of Rochester’s Darren Mueller (Assistant Professor of Musicology), Oliver Schneller (Professor of Composition), Ming-Lun Lee (Assistant Professor of Audio and Music Engineering), and Paul Fess (Predoctoral Fellow at the Frederick Douglass Institute)
  • DH Lunch: “Zooming Out”
  • Game Demo and Concluding Conversation: “Psychasthenia


Laura Mandell

/ February 19-20, 2015

Dr. Laura Mandell is the Director of the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture at Texas A&M University.

Related Events:

  • Presentation: “Big Data and the Humanities”
  • Lunch with graduate students
  • Keynote: “Scaling Up: Search as Research”
  • Panel: “Archives in Between: Cultural Preservation, Material to Digital” (Welles-Brown Room), with Joanne Bernardi (Associate Professor of Japanese and Film and Media Studies, and author/editor of ReEnvisioning Japan), Daniela Currò (Preservation Manager, Moving Image Department, George Eastman House), and Jim Kuhn (Joseph N. Lambert and Harold B. Schleifer Director of Rare Books and Special Collections)
  • DH Lunch: “The Dark Side of Digital Humanities”

Ed Ayers

/ March 17-19, 2015

Dr. Edward Ayers is President of the University of Richmond.

In “The Shape of the Civil War,” the Heritage of DH

By Eitan Freedenberg
Confronting the popular claim that DH is simply a new coat of (bureaucratic and distracting) paint on traditional humanistic methods, Ayers discussed at length the “History of the Civil War in the United States,” a most unusual visual timeline from late nineteenth century historian Arthur Hodgkin Scaife’s “Comparative and Synoptical System of History Applied to All Countries.” more »