Nathanael Smith

photo of nathanael smithEducation: BA in Biblical Studies, Grace College; MPhil in Philosophical Theology, University of Oxford; MA in Philosophy, Western Michigan University.

Nathanael Smith is a Philosophy PhD student in his fourth year. He is a Slattery Fellow and an Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in the Digital Humanities at the University of Rochester. His graduate work focuses on epistemology and metaphysics, especially social epistemology and metaphysical issues concerning fundamentality, ontology, and methodology. Recently he has also become interested in conceptual and normative issues in the philosophy of technology. He is currently finishing up coursework and plans to focus his dissertation research on evidence, truth, and objectivity.

Nathanael is also especially interested in exploring the interface (or lack thereof) between philosophy and the digital humanities, as well as the possibility of brining digital tools to bear on philosophical questions.

Nathanael has taught Introduction to Philosophy and Biomedical Ethics. He has served as a teaching assistant for Introduction to Formal Logic, Ethical Decisions in Medicine, and Introduction to Digital Media Studies. Previously he was the Data Manager for the Seward Family Papers Project. In the Fall of 2016, he will be a research assistant for Joel Burges on a project which explores the notion of time in TV Guide.