Super 8mm

Gion Festival
Gion Festival

        Director: Joanne Bernardi
        Country: Japan / USA
        Length: 27 min.
        Year: 1976-1977
Video summary details:  This short film documents the Gion Festival, which takes place every year on July 17th in Kyoto. The film begins with the building of the yama and hoko processional floats, and continues with the subsequent festivities at Yasaka Shrine, the eve of the procession, and the procession itself on the 17th. Most of the footage was shot in 1976 while I was a student at the Osaka University of Arts, but the film was re-edited in 1977. The film had a soundtrack recorded separately that provided a history of the festival.The film used was Fuji Single 8 color film, virtually analogous to Kodak Super 8mm, but using a differently designed cartridge for use in Fuji cameras.

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