Alumni People

Helen Davies

Education: B.A. History and Classical Civilizations with minors in Latin, Medieval Studies, Anthropology, Loyola University Chicago, 2009; M.A. Medieval Studies, University of York, 2011; M.A. Digital Humanities, 2013

Biography: Helen Davies is a second year PhD student in English.

Her interests focus on the early medieval multi-cultural British Isles, medieval maps, and digital humanities. She is digitally recovering the Vercelli Mappa Mundi through the use of multispectral imaging. This project fits into a larger dissertation on place and space in medieval literature. Helen serves as the graduate student coordinator of The Lazarus Project ( Additionally, she has helped set up and coordinate R-CHIVE, an inter-university cultural heritage imaging cooperation between the University of Rochester and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Helen hopes to use her time as Mellon fellow to explore the intersection between Digital Humanities, Medieval Manuscripts, and pedagogy.