Ellen or Eleanor E. Goddard (b. 1849)

Friends and Acquaintances of Emily Sibley Watson:

In a letter to her daughter dated 1/10/1893, Elizabeth Sibley writes:"Mrs. Goddard has a very fine little girl, she is quite well the family also though as far as I can learn William is still out of work."

William G. Goddard was listed as a laborer at Emily Sibley Watson's house at 11 Prince Street in the 1888-1891 city directories.  The 1900 U.S. census lists a wife, "Elanor" and several children, including a daughter, Lucy, who would have been a baby in 1893.

It's likely that Emily Sibley Watson's house was run by a skeleton staff during the 6 months she was absent on the Egypt trip, which may be the reason why William was "still out of work."