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A Moroccan Honeymoon

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Explore Spain & Morocco in 1891 with Emily and James Sibley Watson, then, through letters to Emily, follow the simultaneous European travels of her mother, Elizabeth Maria Tinker Sibley, and her son, James G. Averell, in company with her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Hiram Watson Sibley, and their children Ruth and Harper.

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A Trip Along the Nile


Join Emily & James Sibley Watson, James G. Averell, and Mary & James Breck Perkins on a trip along the Nile River, December 1892-March 1893, through letters & photographs from the University of Rochester Rare Books, Special Collections & Preservation and the George Eastman Museum.

At the same time, Elizabeth Maria Tinker Sibley and Caroline Manning Watson share the news from home and respond to the descriptions of the Watsons' adventures.

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The Watsons’ Trips to Morocco and Egypt


Explore attitudes toward "The Orient" shown through the Watsons' trips.

Delayed and Missing Correspondence


Explore the uncertainties of communication via cable and letter during transAtlantic travel and over time.

"My Kodak Was Busy"

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Explore the role of Kodak cameras on late 19th century travel photography.

Good Works

Explore the philanthropic efforts of Hiram & Elizabeth Sibley, and their daughter Emily Sibley Watson.


Close Reading: the Wicker Palanquin


Close reading of the letters and photographs demonstrates the value of digitally reuniting the photographs from the collection of the George Eastman Museum, and the letters, from the collection of the University of Rochester.

Homes of Rochester's Sibley & Watson Families

Explore the historic homes of Rochester's Sibley & Watson Families, many of them still extant.