Granger A. Hollister (1854-1924)

Family of Emily Sibley Watson:

Granger A. Hollister was a third-generation Rochester lumberman. With his brother, George C. Hollister, he founded Hollister Brothers, later Hollister Lumber Company.

In 1886 he married "Belle" Watson, James Sibley Watson's older sister. After her death in 1903, in 1906 he married her sister, "Bess," who lived next door in a house jointly purchased with her mother, Caroline Manning Watson, who had died in 1900.

Granger A. Hollister was involved in the Rochester Gas & Electric and Rochester Railway & Light companies, was a director of the Rochester Savings Bank and one of the organizers of the Security Trust Company in Rochester, founded in 1892. 

In a letter from 12/11/1892, Emily Sibley Watson requests that Granger Hollister give her servants their Christmas bonuses.  In an undated letter from mid-January 1893, Elizabeth Sibley reports that "The Security Trust I hear is doing wonderfully well beyond all expectations."