Harriet Amelia Tinker Tyler (1829-1893)

Family of Emily Sibley Watson:

Harriet Amelia Tinker Tyler (Mrs. John Tyler) was Elizabeth Tinker Sibley's younger sister, and thus Emily Sibley Watson's aunt. 

As the youngest sibling in the family, Harriet was very close to her only sister,  Elizabeth Sibley. The two visited back and forth quite frequently and wrote to each other often. Harriet's daughter Elizabeth (Libbie) became her Aunt Elizabeth's companion in later years. Generosity extended from the Rochester Sibleys to the North Adams Tinkers included gifts of clothing and other articles, as well as Western Union stock. Harriet Tyler died in Rochester, New York only a few months after the extended family returned home from their European and North African travels. According to her obituary, she was operated on for a tumor in her side, and died a few weeks later.