Dr. Herbert M. Dayfoot (1846-1899)

Friends and Acquaintances of Emily Sibley Watson:

Canadian by birth, Dr. Dayfoot was a Rochester homeopathic physician.  He took a course in analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry with Professor Lattimore at the University of Rochester. Over the course of his career, he was president of the Livingston County, Monroe County & New York State Homeopathic Medical Societies. After postgraduate specialization, he became a gynecologist at the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital.

In a memorial after his untimely death, he was referred to as a "physician con amore," who "believed in sunshine in the sick room and sunshine in the soul." In a 1/5/1893 letter to her daughter Elizabeth Sibley demonstrates this caring when she writes of Dr. Dayfoot having brought roses to a patient in the hospital on Christmas day.