James Breck Perkins (1847-1910)

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James Breck Perkins (1847-1910)

James Breck Perkins

University of Rochester, Class of 1867, Rochester city attorney 1874-1880, and historian who lived in France in the early 1890s and published several scholarly works on French History, James Breck Perkins was elected to the NY State Assembly 1898-1900, then US Congressman 1901-1910.  Perkins defended Algernon Crapsey in his 1905 heresy trial. Breck Perkins and his wife Mary Martindale Perkins accompanied Emily Sibley Watson & her family on their trip along the Nile.

Image from Peck's History of Rochester and Monroe County, New York, New York, Chicago: The Pioneer publishing company, 1908, v. 2 p. 1145