William Nivison Wilmer (1854-1907)

Friends and Acquaintances of Emily Sibley Watson:

William Nivison Wilmer was a New York lawyer, in partnership with George Folger Canfield.  It is likely that the partners were retained by Emily Sibley Watson in her divorce with Isaac Seymour Averell.

In A Memorial of William N. Wilmer, Canfield wrote: "Mr. Wilmer was never married, but his respectful admiration for women, his partisan sympathy with them in all their controversies with men, and his belief in them as moral superior beings and really the better half of mankind, were among his most striking characteristics."

In a letter to her mother 11/26/1892, Emily Sibley Watson describes visiting with Canfield & Wilmer before leaving for Egypt.  The two attorneys saw them off at the boat and left flowers in their stateroom.